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Program Kelas Karyawan Universitas Mercu Buana Jakarta bertujuan untuk memberikan kesempatan kepada masyarakat yang tidak mempunyai waktu luang mengikuti pendidikan hari hari kerja. Program Kelas Karyawan Universitas Mercu Buana Jakarta menyelenggarakan pendidikan untuk Jenjang Pendidikan Sarjana (S1), Pascasarjana (S2) dan Pendidikan Profesi Akuntansi (PPAK).

- Waktu kuliah dapat dipilih Kelas Sore (Senin - Jumat) atau Kelas Sabtu Minggu.
- Biaya studi sangat terjangkau dan dapat diangsur sesuai kemampuan mahasiswa.
- Kampus dapat dipilih yaitu Kampus Meruya atau Kampus Menteng.
- Disediakan Bus Kampus antar jemput untuk daerah Bekasi, Depok dan Tangerang.
- Mahasiswa yang dari luar kota disediakan Penginapan (Mess)

Program Sarjana (S1):
Syarat Mahasiswa: Lulusan SMU, SMK, D3, Akademi atau yang sederajat
Program Studi: Manajemen, Akuntansi, Psikologi, Public Relation, Marketing Communications, Visual Communication, Broadcasting, Design Graphis, Arsitektur, Design Interior, Teknik Sipil, Teknik Mesin, Teknik Elektro, Teknik Industri, Teknik Informatika, Sistem Informasi, komunikasi

Program Profesi Akuntansi (PPAK):
Syarat Mahasiswa: Lulusan S1 Akuntansi

Program Pascasarjana (S2):
Syarat Mahasiswa: Lulusan S1, D4 atau yang sederajat
Program Studi: Magister Manajemen Keuangan, Magister Manajemen SDM, Magister Manajemen Pemasaran, Magister Manajemen Operasi/Produksi. Magister Manajemen Industri, Magister Manajemen Telekomunikasi, Magister Ilmu Komunikasi, Magister Akuntansi

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Kamis, 10 September 2009

[vacancy] Vacancy for CRM Database Analyst


The company currently provides both multi-national and local companies with full CRM capabilities including strategy development, data management and analysis, database marketing as well as strategy monitoring and evaluation. The successful candidate will report to the head of analytics as:

CRM Database Analyst 

  • Responsible for working with clients of the company to provide customer level analytical and statistical modeling support.
  • Assist account service teams with effective direct mail, e-mail, advertising, telemarketing and web test/control design and performance measurement
  • Apply statistical techniques to develop and deploy predictive models in support of customer acquisition, cross-sell, retention and win-back strategies
  • Provide ongoing tracking, measurements and analytical support of standalone and fully integrated marketing campaign
  • Provide secondary support for account service on customer mining, analytics and insight
  • Work with internal technology teams to create or improve prospect database, data warehouse, marketing data marts data and lead management systems
  • Provide robust campaign back-end analyses, along with recommendations for future campaign enhancements


  • Bachelor's degree in Business, Statistics, Engineering, Math, or other similar quantitative field required.
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • 3+ years hands-on experience utilizing database systems and applied statistical analysis and programming in a business environment
  • Experience with a wide range of statistical techniques and tools (i.e. cluster analysis, regression analysis, linear programming, neural networks, etc)
  • Proficient with SPSS Programming and/or other statistical software. Familiarity with SQL/Enterprise Miner and SPSS
  • Experience working within multi sectors environment is a plus
  • Experience supporting customer relationship management strategies preferred


Send your completed application with your expected salary to: the latest by September 09, 2009. 

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